Unleashing nature to fuel your healthy lifestyle
What We Do
  1. Deliver Holistic Products
    Deliver Holistic Products
    We combine ancient wisdom and modern science to develop products that provide unique hydration and functional benefits for an active and healthy lifestyle.
  2. Harvest nature's bounty
    Harvest nature's bounty
    At our core we believe that nature has given us all that we need for a healthy life, and we have just begun to understand and use these vast treasures for our health.
  3. Learn from ancient wisdom
    Learn from ancient wisdom
    There are ancient sciences of health and medicine that hold transforming and holistic mind-body-spirit insights. We study them to understand how we can benefit from them in today's world.
Our Mission
The name Althea  is derived from Greek, meaning “to heal” or “healing”. Our primary goal is to develop and market products that deliver specific and identifiable healthy benefits to consumers.

Our products are built on five core principles -
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Combine ancient/traditional and modern nutrition and health science in unique ways
  • Focus on specific health needs and outcomes
  • Deliver identifiable impact
  • Environmentally and agriculturally sustainable